2017 flashback in pics!

on 20/11/2017

Hello everybody!

It’s November, rainy, windy and getting cold (14 degrees…). Arillas is running on winter mode, with a beautiful empty beach, some restaurants opening toward the weekend, people picking olives and relaxing in front of the fire after a very busy season. And what a season 2017 was!

I have collected some of the nice pics of this summer, I hope you enjoy them!

Our Green Corfu office is coming alive, more so every year. We have our beautiful plants, kindly donated by Katikia, our pinboard is overflowing with flyers and business cards, and the windows are full of concert posters and info! Whenever you are in Arillas, please drop by to say hi! We can help you with all the little things nobody else seems to be able to help you with…  Thanks to Rodo, our guardian angel!!!

Next year we want to get more organised and offer you a weekly calendar of all open events and activities in the area! Updates will follow…

Speaking of concerts, we surely had our share of magical music and dance this year…! Agape-Zoe festival, Gayatri festival, Sound and Silence festival and many more.

Feeling truly grateful for living here!!!

The Arillas village festivals, like the Antamoma and the Wine festival were very succesful this year as well!

Incidentally, in September Green Corfu also helped organise the first Dionysia Opera Festival. The festival was a big success and will hopefully become an established event, bringing opera lovers from all around the world to Corfu every September!

This summer we also met our reptilian friend, Sir Pent! He likes to lounge on the beach, but he also likes going off on adventure. You will be hearing more of his stories over the winter!

Finally, just some nice images of this summer, to keep you company until next year, when you can visit Arillas for more magic!!!