Villa Kanouli


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The most impressive aspect of Villa in Kanouli would have to be the open sea view. From most of the house’s big windows and doors, the terraces and the kiosks, your gaze is lost in the deep blue of the Ionian sea above the lush greens of the garden!

Behind the villa, the sleepy olive groves stretch up to the steep, virgin slopes of mount Agios Mattheos. The estate of the villa stretches down to the cliff tops, over the sea.

The house itself is a very stately built spacious villa of 200 sq.m., with 4 bedrooms, two living rooms, a dining room, a fully equipped, ergonomically designed kitchen, a furnished veranda and lots of outside spaces. Wood is the dominant material in the house, from the roof down to the kitchen and the long, monastic table of the dining room.

The whole house is extremely tastefully decorated and attention has been paid to every detail.

The house is surrounded by a verdant estate of 3000 sq.m. with many different trees, such as olives and cypresses, an apricot and and avocado tree, a pear, a cherry and an apple tree and a whole vineyard stretching from the house down to the cliff top where a couple of kiosks can accommodate you for a read, a drink or a siesta virtually on top of the sea. If you want to take a dive, you can use the private wooden staircase leading down to a lovely little cove of sandy beach and clear turquoise waters.

Additional facilities include a barbecue next to the house, three mountainbikes, free WiFi, sound system, two TVs with DVD, Class A+ air conditioning and private parking space.

Also available on request are sessions of Satyananda Yoga, Reflexology, Massage and Rejuvenation, as well as courses in Greek cooking.

If you are looking for a place to be in total peace and relaxation, if you want to experience the luxury of simply living in such a beautifully situated and decorated estate, if you value the attention given to every detail, if you appreciate the balance between tradition, nature, functionality and technology, Villa in kanouli will be an unforgettable experience

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