The Andamoma Festival of Arillas!

The reconstruction of a traditional Corfiot Wedding!

The Andamoma festival is held every first weekend of July. It’s a two day festival and has been organised for more than 10 years. This year’s Andamoma will be Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of July. Andamoma in Greek means “get together” or “meeting”, that’s why traditionally we invite dancing groups from other parts of Greece to participate and exchange music, dances, traditions etc.

Since 2014 the Andamoma also features, on the Saturday, the reconstruction of a traditional Corfiot wedding, with people in traditional costumes carrying the bride’s dowry, singing special wedding songs, a notary to arrange the agreed dowry between the in-laws, the making of the bed and other traditional customs. Last year we had a wedding between a Corfiot girl and a guy from the mainland (Epirus), where the bridegroom also brought along his friends, musicians, dancers and customs!

The festival takes place in a beautiful olive grove about 200m from Arillas beach and many hundreds of people show up to eat souvlakia, sausages and dumplings, drink local beer and wine and dance till the small hours!

Here are some videos from last year’s Andamoma, by Corfu Films:

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Until the Andamoma Festival in Arillas Corfu!

Andamoma in Greek means “get together” or “meeting”.