Corfu Beer Festival!

25-29 September 2019 - be there!

Arillas, among other things, is the home of the Corfu Microbrewery who produce some of the best craft beers in Greece.

In 2013, the first Corfu Beer Festival was held on the premises of Corfu Beer. Four brewers from Bavaria came to Corfu and brewed their beers, and for 5 days in October we had a feast with Greek and Bavarian beers, food, music and dancing! The next year the theme was Corfu Meets the UK and we exchanged beers, food and culture with England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. There were more than 12.000 visitors and they all had a fantastic time! Italy and the Czech republic were the next guests of honour, with the festival growing every year.

This year, Corfu will meet England and the festival will be held between the 23rd and 27th of September.

This is my personal favourite period on Corfu. Most of the tourists have left, the beach is quiet and the sea is still warm from the summer sun. The nature is beautiful, as Corfu experiences a second spring in September, October and November. If you are looking to experience Corfu in a different way, what better idea than to come to Arillas for the Beer festival, in combination with a late beach and nature holiday. What’s even better is the fact that flights in that period are cheap and accommodation also.

We can offer you accommodation starting at 200 euros per week (for two people!).
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