Corfu Property Services

Maintenance services for you property in Corfu!

Do you own a house on Corfu? Or are you renting a house on Corfu and dividing your time between your home country and Corfu? Then you are familiar with all the maintenance a (temporarily) empty house needs. Corfu Property Services can take care of all that for you!

Corfu Villa Maintenace consists of a team of dedicated professionals, each in their own area of expertise, and they can take care of your house, no matter how big it is or how high your expectations are. They can look after your house when you are gone, making sure nothing is broken, pay your bills and professionally clean your house before you come. But they can do much more than that!

They can fix and rewire your electrical installation, handle your plumbing, clean and maintain your air conditioning and swimming pool, tend your garden, install and maintain solar panels, paint and waterproof your house, build with stone and wood and in general handle absolutely anything that has to do with your home on Corfu, all at very reasonable prices!

To find out more, you can visit their website at www.corfuvillamaintenance.com.