Persephone Retreat- Birthing the Light

The ancient Greeks had created a holy institution, the mysteries of Elefsis which were conducted through the sacred myth of Persephone that narrates the cyclical journey of the Soul , death and rebirth. The initiates were guided by the Hierophants through a 9 day journey into the Underworld every year between 14-23 September. At Elefsyna, an area outside Athens, initiates would experience the Myth of Persephone through different tasks and they would come out with the power of knowledge.
Persephone is the symbol of Consciousness that, like Nature, passes one part of its life being awakened, alert, “above” Earth (Spring- Summer) and another part in the “lower” world, Underworld, during sleep (Autumn-Winter).
Hades, the underworld is the entrance to a place where One meets the desires, fears and insecurities, bitterness and longing, the “weights” and the ideals – usually unfulfilled – that exist and have been registered in the Unconscious .
“Sleep” is the normal period of entering into the dark Unconscious which in Greek Mythology is represented by Persephone descending for 6 months in the Underworld.In this retreat ,we are going to journey along with Persephone , descend into Hades, meet Pluto and ascend back to Dimitra by birthing the Light .
It is the adventure of the Soul in the quest of seeking a real meaning in life. I would like to invite everyone men and women who would like to experience an initiation of the Soul through the narration of the Greek Myth of Persephone and guided embodied practices that will allow the participants to explore hidden depths of their Psyche.
Nietzsche said “you must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?”In this Retreat, we will experience the descent of Persephone in Hades (Underworld) – just like the Ancient Greeks did in Elefsinia Mysteries – and learn from her teachings as she Ascends to Light.
It is the adventure in the quest of seeking a real meaning in life by journeying to the Underworld.If you really want to know your Light, dive deep into the Darkness and you will know what it feels like to Embody your Radiance.
Darkness might feel uncomfortable and even sad but it pushes us to see real deep before we can embody a new external version of ourselves.If you have been feeling that it is time to move on, that is time to shed old layers and patterns that don’t serve you anymore, that a cycle in your life is being complete , that you want to go out of a stagnant period this is the ideal to space for this rite of passage.I will accompany you by creating a safe, loving and healing space.The myth of the Goddess Persephone and the story of Her journey from Kore (Maiden) to Queen of the Underworld, holds universal, archetypal truths for all people.About the Myth:
Persefone was abducted from her mother, Demeter, by Pluto and is driven to Hades. There she is called to face her shadows, her darkness.In order to meet her mother again she has to love and embrace her darkness(Pluto).Love becomes the torch that shows her the way to the light. When she finally loves Pluto she gives birth to Vrimos, which means strength.

In this retreat, we step back and allow the myth of Persephone to unfold from Her perspective, exploring our individual stories and reclaiming our own living mythology in the process. We hold sacred space for archetypal and personal awareness to come to us through Persephone’s descent and rise to Queen of Herself. We stand with Goddess as we call back our power and unite the separate pieces of ourselves into one.The Retreat will be held in the magical island of Corfu 10 minutes from Arillas beach.
Corfu is a greek paradise at the Ionian sea known as well as the mermaid island because of its shape.
The venue is very close to Arillas beach, an amazing sandy beach, with natural clay and nudist friendly atmosphere.
You can reach the island through airplane, there is an international airport, as well as a ferry boat from the mainland, Igoumenitsa.
Get ready for a unique experience at one of the most lushious and beautiful islands of Greece.

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Blessings and love,

The Greek Priestess


Sep 18 2020 - Sep 21 2020


08:00 - 18:00
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House of Love
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The Greek Priestess
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