Meditative Archery Retreat September 2021

Corfu / Arillas in the Ouranos Club


Seminar archery-meditation


11-18 September 2021


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Silent Meditation

The long thoughtlessness in classical meditation the practitioner’s are free to recall for the magical moment of drawing and release in archery. We always celebrate this sacred moment with focus on inner silence, connected to the target.

The natural solidifying, calm breathing into the stomach in archery should also be implemented in relation to certain movement sequences such as in yoga.


In intuitive archery, the interplay of relaxed hands, arms and shoulders and tense pelvic floor, back and stomach is an essential aspect in the center of self-observation in the phase of internal focus, right before the string releasing.
Even with Yin Yoga, this awareness should be developed to realize tension and relaxation at the same time. Letting go in the abdominal relaxation position or back relaxation position or the “child” (asana).
Perceiving the moment in Ashtanga Yoga, in the highest point of exertion, in archery in the moment of highest tension, just before releasing.

Perceive the now. To be in the now, to feel the moment.

The transformation of the kinetic energy when the bow is drawn into the flight of the arrow is ultimately the fruit of inactivity, which is what releasing/ letting go really means. Relax your fingers. We relax. Not only let go of the string, also what adheres to us but is not ours.

Wonderful things arise from doing nothing, relaxing, letting go.


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