7 Reasons to Visit Corfu in May

on 10/11/2016

Let’s start off with a bold statement:

Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

Although I may be a little biased as I was born and raised here, there are many many more people who would support this statement! Corfu is the greenest island of Greece, boasting a great biodiversity, a huge variety of amazing landscapes, a very rich history and culture and positive energy vibes! And if you ask the locals or one of the many returning visitors, one of the best times to visit Corfu is May, especially if you are a nature lover.

So, why come to Corfu in May?

1. It’s very close to you

Well, this is not really a reason to come to Corfu in May… Corfu is very close to you all year round, as there is an international airport on the island. Flying to Corfu from most European airports takes less than 3 hours! There are direct flights from many European airports from April to November, probably also from an airport near you! And in the winter, Corfu is still accesible but you will have to make a stopover in Athens. There are 4-6 flights between Corfu and Athens every day.

2. It’s probably cheaper than staying at home!

As I am writing this post (November 2016), you can book a return flight to Corfu from London or Berlin i May for less than 100 euros! And it’s not only from these two cities, there are direct flights to Corfu from many other European airports in May. Check out the websites of low-cost airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair for actual flights and prices from airports near you.

Accommodation is also very cheap, as May is the beginning of the season for most accommodation owners. You can get a two-persons studio for as little as 25 euros per night, or a 4-persons private luxury villa with swimming pool for 150 euros per night.

Corfu is also famous for its culinary tradition, which has been influenced by the many visitors the island has entertained over the centuries (Venetians, French, English etc). Next to traditional Greek dishes, such as Mousaka and Stifado, and grilled meat, you can also enjoy local Corfiot dishes based on meat, fish or vegetables, like Sofrito and Bourdetto. A meal in a typical restaurant will very rarely cost you more than 15 euros per person, and that’s including beer or wine!

3. Corfiot hospitality

As this is the start of the season, the locals have just come out of their winter sleep and are eager to meet and take care of the new season’s visitors. Corfu has been known for its hospitality since ancient times, as a matter of fact it was on this island that Odysseus was shipwrecked and where Alkinoos, the king of the Phaeaceans, bathed, clothed and fed him before giving him a ship to go back to Ithaca!

4. Flowers. Many Flowers!

The flowers and colours you will see in May on Corfu are incredible. There are fields and trees full of white, yellow, pink, red, orange and blue flowers, as well as fresh greens of all kinds. You can see more photos of Corfu’s flowers on our dedicated page.

This abundance in colour is showcased beautifully in this video by Corfu Films. It is about April, May is similar, just a bit warmer!

5. Fireflies, Butterflies and Dragonflies

But colours are not just on the ground, they are also flying all around you! There are insects of all kinds buzzing around, happily pollinating and mating! The most spectacular ones are of course the butterflies and dragonflies. More on Corfu bugs on our dedicated page. To quote Gerald Durrell:

“We hope that there will be fireflies at night to guide you and butterflies in hedges and forests to greet you.”

Which brings us to fireflies, the insects that light up May nights on Corfu. They come in great numbers and create an awe-inspiring sight on a quiet spring night. As you will notice, fireflies tend to synchronise their blinking lights, so your garden or the countryside can seem full of tiny Christmas lights. Our friend Giannis Gasteratos made a time-lapse video of fireflies but, believe me, the real thing is incomparably more spectacular!

6. Spectacular walking and trekking territory!

As I mentioned before, the landscapes of Corfu are beautiful and varied. The highest mountain is Pantokrator, at a little over 900 meters, but the island is full of hills and valleys, beaches and cliffs. Every turn of the road opens up another unique view. The Corfu Trail is a 220 km footpath starting at the southernmost tip of the island at Arkoudillas and goes all the way to Saint Spyridon beach in the north.

There are also smaller footpaths, such as the Arillas Trail, a circular footpath starting at Arillas beach and ending at the Corfu Microbrewery, who make the best beer in Greece, according to some (me included)! The first walk on the Arillas Trail traditionally takes place on the 1st of May. See this great video by Corfu Films!

With such a beautiful landscape and scenery, a dense road and footpath network and nice temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees,

Corfu in May is ideal for walking and trekking!

7. Ascension Festival in Arillas

If you happen to be in Corfu on the 25th May, it’s worth coming to Arillas to take part in the Ascension Festival. Arillas is famous for its festivals all over Corfu! It’s the first festival of the year, and the most authentic one as most of the visitors are locals. There is live music and traditional dancing by the Arillas dance club but also for all visitors. Lots of delicious Souvlakia, steaming dumplings (Loukoumades) and Corfu Beer!

This soulful video was shot by Corfu Films and captures the spirit of the festival!

Hopefully by now you can’t wait to book your May holiday to Corfu!

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See you in May!!!