Ensoma – dance, touch, sound, healing

Ensoma is a place where…

  • The self constricting mechanisms we adopt and accept as our own nature can cease to operate.
  • Wisdom, knowledge and understanding swim away from the confines of the mind/brain and flood the entire body.
  • The ultimate intelligence of the foot teaches the heart a thing or two.
  • You remember clearly that the body contains many brains and that the one between the ears has many limitations when separated from the others.
  • You stay in the spiral of life and out of the box of conviction.
  • The body and mind melt back into each other and their unity stays soft, powerful and flexible.
  • The skill, the wisdom, of joy is deeply, fully, unforgettably embodied.

I believe that we have the capacity to evolve beyond what we have become accustomed to accept as our human limits.
I believe this after watching people who should stay crooked become straight, people who should never be able to use their arms again wave them around in celebration, people who should stay afraid sing their love for life loud and clear, people who should not be alive be alive and kicking.
I believe this after watching people, young and old, change what should be into what they wish it to be.

Zoe Valerie

More: http://www.ensoma.gr/

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
George Bernard Shaw