Intuitive Readings and Akashic Records with Agapi

Your life is like a cinema. The projector is your subconscious and the screen your external reality. My intuitive readings are designed to help you make changes in the projector so that you can create a better reality!

When I connect with your subconscious—your Higher Self, or Divine Self—I do not reveal some mystery that will happen in the future; my readings are not “forecasts” of what has been “laid out for you.” What happens in your future depends on your decisions in the present moment, decisions over which you have complete control.

My primary objective is to support you in making these decisions wisely!

I do that by channeling the roots of each problem, which are stored in your subconsciousness.

They might be childhood traumas, family dynamics, problematic patterns, energetic connections, and a lot more.
 When I find the roots, I gain a deeper understanding of the issue itself and I channel a specific exercise you need to do in order to heal the specific issue.

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Agapi (short bio)

Agapi is a Self-development Teacher coming from the rich cultural tapestries of Greece and Ethiopia.

She encompasses the roles of a Clairvoyant, Shaman, Tantric Teacher, and Priestess. Her profound connection to the spiritual realm allows her to access the Akashic Records and channel information directly from the Spirit.

She is the Creator of the Love-me method, a unique approach to self-development that integrates energy healing, tantra, shamanism, and inner child healing.

Whether through individual sessions or experiential workshops, Agapi shares her wisdom and gifts in various corners of the world. Drawing from the secrets of shamanism, archetypes, art, tantra, dance, and spirituality, her sessions and workshops create a harmonious fusion of Knowledge and Experience.

While Agapi brings a general structure to her workshops, she remains open to the currents of the Divine Will in each moment. By channeling the content of the workshops intuitively, she ensures that the teachings resonate deeply with the participants, fostering a profound connection and allowing for authentic, transformative experiences.