Eco holidays, agrotourism, organic farms

Organic tourism or bio tourism or agritourism or agrotourism is a kind of tourism that brings the visitor in direct contact with agricultural activities at organic farms.

More and more people turn to organic farming, that is to say farming without using any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The methods that are used are usually centuries old and include crop rotation, using animal manure or compost as fertilizer and natural methods such as plant extracts and mixed cultivation of plants to protect the crops from diseases and harmful insects.
The main idea is to promote as much biodiversity as possible, so that the crops are less vulnerable to any infections. In simple words, if you have a field full of corn and a plant disease or insect that likes corn comes along, your whole crop is doomed. If, on the other hand, you have a field with many different sorts of plants, insects and animals, both cultivated and wild, the chance of a pest affecting you is much smaller. The ecosystem itself will maintain a balance.

As organic farming has grown, so has the interest of people in such projects. Many organic farms offer accommodation and food in the farm so that guests can see for themselves and even participate in the farm activities. The food served is also 100% organic and the truth is that food tastes much better if you have gotten your own hands dirty to help produce it!

You can experience real organic holidays at the Bioporos farm, in the south of Corfu, or you can go for a more varied and adventurous holiday with the Corfu Scout who can create a unique eco vacation for you, according to your wishes!