Herbal Walks and Workshops in Corfu

with Eleni Christoforatou

Rodakas was created by Eleni Christoforatou, an herbalist who has been living on the island of Corfu for more than twenty years. For the past 10 years, Eleni has been leading herb walks and giving classes on herbal medicine uses and preparation, as well as harvesting plants and making salves, syrups, tinctures and many other kinds of herbal preparations.

Eleni has studied with many well known American herbalists and graduated from the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine after completing the “Herbal Medicine Making” program and the two year “Herbal Immersion Program”. She continued her studies at “David Winston’s Center of Herbal Studies” where she completed the “2018-2020 Two-Year Herbalist Training Program” and the one year “Graduate Program”. In addition to these formal studies, she has spent years studying Corfu’s plants and flora, learning from locals, and dedicating herself to keeping the tradition of herbal medicine alive on Corfu.

You can contact Eleni for a walk along the Corfiot paths to meet the local plants. You will learn about the unique personality of each plant, their medicinal properties, the ways we can include them in our everyday lives, and the ways they have been traditionally used for food, medicine and wellness.

A variety of workshops, from private sessions to group classes, can be given at your place or at Rodakas, based in Korakiana.

Herbal Medicine Making Workshops can include topics such as:

  • Herbal Oils and Salves

  • Herbal Honeys and Syrups

  • Herbal Preparations for Colds and Flu

  • Herbal Vinegars

  • Herbal Preparations for Pain Relief

Or any other related herbal topics of your interest, tailored to your needs.

Rodakas, Eleni Christoforatou

Rodakas … in harmony with the Earth

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