Horse Riding in Corfu!

at Silvaland

In the middle of Corfu, in a dense forest of umbrella pine trees, oaks and other trees, lies Silvaland. Its official title is Silvaland Equine and Life-Enrichment Centre and that title kind of summarises most the centre’s activities which include all kinds of horse-riding, horse-whispering, healing with horses, organic farming, yoga, meditation, theatre and much more!

To get to Silvaland you have to take a private road that takes you into the dense forest for a couple of kilometers. Nature is everywhere, and you get the feeling you are entering a fairy tale.The centre is set in an estate of over 7 acres and has a 2000 sq.m. indoor arena, two outdoor arena’s, stables, a meeting room, a cafe bar, an organic kiwi farm and lots of space. A whole network of trails has been set out in the surrounding forest for walking, cycling and horse-riding.

The centre itself blends in with the surrounding nature and the impressive horses set the tone. There are all kinds of horses, including ponies and, more specifically, Skyrian ponies. The Skyrian pony was an endangered species and when Sylvia Steen, owner of Silvaland, got interested in this ancient breed of horses, there were only three pairs left in the world! Now, thirty years later, the population comprises about 50 ponies on Corfu, another 20 that are back on Skyros and another 20 in Scotland.

Activities in Silvaland are very diverse.

There are horse-riding lessons for adults and children as young as two years old, courses on horse-whispering and healing sessions with the horses for special children. But there are also many other activities such as theater, yoga and other events. Leonidas cafe bar offers drinks, home-made cakes and sweets and delicious food, making this an ideal family excursion.

If you are a horse-lover or just looking for an interesting day out, Silvaland is certainly worth a visit. For info on current events and opening times you can visit their website or Facebook profile, or just call +30 2661045630 or +30 6951979623.