Flowpoint in Arillas

A new place just opened in Arillas! Yes, in the middle of the worst crisis the world has seen so far, with most businesses still pondering whether to open or not, there is a new place opening! It is called Flowpoint and it is a beautiful space that has many different uses and identities.

First of all it is an art gallery, set up and showcasing works by the amazing, Arillas-based visual artist, Pavlos Dasiras. Pavlos has a distinctive painting style, featuring long human figures in many postures, mermaids, angels, sacred couples, archetypes and more. Some originals are available, but you can also buy reproductions from postcard format to real size. Pavlos has also decorated the inside of the Flowpoint and is constantly producing objects combining natural materials like olive and cypress wood with old and/or recycled objects. Reduce, reuse, recycle is one of the main mottos of the Flowpoint. Check out the Flowpoint lights and dragonflies!

The Flowpoint has been set up from the beginning to be modular, flexible and multifunctional. The furniture consists of boxes that can be moved, stacked and arranged in any possible way. The place can host exhibitions, talking circles, film screenings, workshops, meetings and probably lots of other things we haven’t thought about. Next to showcasing Pavlos’s art, the space is presenting other local sustainable and holistic projects. There is already a board where people can write what they need and what they can offer, to help facilitate cooperations within the community.

The Flowpoint is a project by the Flow42 social cooperative enterprise. Pavlos is a member, as are Green Corfu’s Alex and Christina and Igor of Feeling Sound. The aim of Flow42 is to support community-oriented initiatives, promoting creativity, cultural engagement and the celebration of mother nature.

So, whenever you are next in Arillas, do come check out this amazing Flowpoint!