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Back to the Roots

the beauty of the wild

Back to the Roots, are organic herbal remedies of high quality, made accordingly to nature’s rhythms with respect of all her powers of creation and productivity, targeting in reconnection with mother earth, to love and treat her right.

As a herbalist, beekeeper and healer I am following the cycles of the seasons to harvest the best first material and with a little bit of alchemy to transform them to healing or beauty ointments, creams, soaps, tinctures, syrups and much more. While using these products I am looking to inspire young and older to regain harmony with the self and its body, nature and society, for an easy and happy living.

The ingredients of the products are herbal oils, beeswax, hydrosols, tinctures, essential oils, resins, green clay, ashes, bee pollen and honey. Most of them are produced or harvested by myself here in Corfu and about 20% are from other Greek small organic producers or from fair trade, which refers only to high quality and standards. This quality can be recognized from the fast and deep action of the products after application and often is referred that their unique aromas speak straight ahead to the heart and the soul.

The herbs have been collected from wild areas and organic or biodynamic gardens, all treated and vibrated by the golden bee spiraling life forces and far away from pollution. They have been collected by hand without the use of tools, one by one, exactly when the power of the moon brings all the juices and therapeutic elements of the plants to the flowers, leaves or roots.

Natural, organic and biodynamic beekeeping is the way that I have chosen for taking care of my bees and thus the bee products (honey, pollen, propolis, beeswax) are perfect for  empowering and healing.

wish love and peace inside
…your body your temple…

About my skills:

  • Herbalist and wild Herbal Collector: the use of herbs as therapeutic tools, a surviving behavior that can be found in all living beings as part of nutrition.
  • Bee therapist: a specific use of bee products for empowering and healing (honey, pollen, propolis, beeswax, royal jelly, bee venom)
  • Healer: traditional Greek and modern Cupping therapy (vedouzes) and Tibetan massage, techniques for the body, to unblock or tonify, depending on the need.

Back to the Roots

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