Corfu Buddha hall

A Place for Meditative Arts

Corfu Buddha Hall

Purpose and Ethos

Corfu Buddha Hall is a spectacularly beautiful, purpose built group space available for group events, workshops and retreats that relate to spiritual growth and personal development. It is located on the edge of a small, inland hill village called Magoulades, in a stunning setting, on top of a hill, set amongst olive groves and cypress trees, 4 kms from a choice of lovely beaches.

The creators of this wonderful resource, Vasanti and Michel, designed and built Corfu Buddha Hall as a sacred space for the teaching and practice of Gurdieff Sacred Dance and other practices related to spiritual and personal development and healing.

Vasanti is a teacher of Gurdieff Movement with a passionate commitment to supporting other teachers and seekers on the spiritual path. For this reason, Buddha Hall offers reduced rates for group leaders providing meditation retreats and workshops that are important tools for those on the journey, but may not attract large numbers.The spirit of Buddha Hall is inclusive and open. Many of the team working there and the friends of Buddha Hall have associations with the spiritual master Osho, but they also make welcome teachers from many different backgrounds. This ethos means that Corfu Buddha Hall tries to integrate as much as possible with the local community, who are always welcome to come to their open events, meditations and concerts.
Corfu Buddha Hall tries to operate in a way that brings business and contributes to the local economy, rather than ignoring it, or just taking from it. Corfu Buddha Hall provides accommodation and transport by working directly in partnership with hotels and transport providers. The local restaurants are always happy to see Buddha Hall guests enjoying their services.The Buddha Hall on-site team is an international crew of workers, volunteers and helpers who share a commitment to living consciously, right livelihood and service. They work with an intention to be open, honest and supportive to each other and to provide a loving and beautiful environment for their guests.
Corfu Buddha Hall is operated through Inner Travel Ltd, a UK registered company, that organizes all the events that happen there.

The Hall Itself

Buddha Hall is a large space, capable of seating 200 people for a concert and over 100 people for a workshop. However, such is the “holding” nature of the space, it also works well for much smaller groups. It has an ideal architectural form for dance and movement, being 200 square meters, with no obstructing pillars, a wooden floor, and pagoda style wooden roof. The walls have windows all round with stunning 360 degree views of the mountains, forest and sea.It also has wonderful acoustics that help people to find their voice and much joyful community singing and many singing sanghas happen there, planned or spontaneously! Meals take place outside on the lawns, surrounded by oleander and other flowering plants. In case of rain there is also a large covered dining area!


Rooms in local, partner guesthouses, apartments and studios are available within 400 metres of Buddha Hall itself. If you want to stay near the Buddha Hall, send them an email. There is also a wide choice of accommodation, including hotels and villas, in the nearby seaside village of Arillas, 3 Kms away, for guests who prefer to stay by the sea, bookable through Green Corfu. Buddha Hall provides a shuttle service to and from these accommodations at regular intervals throughout the day to suit the group’s programme.