Ionian Sailing Adventure is based in Gouvia Marina.

Peter Kraan and Marjan Hoogendoorn started in Corfu in 1989 with a small fleet of Aloa 27’ sailing yachts. Many sailors had their first Greek sailing experience in their flotilla, and more have come back, year after year. The combination of a fantastic sailing area, well maintained yachts and a great atmosphere makes this kind of holiday addictive.

The route will take you to small bays on the North East side of Corfu, Agni and Agios Stefanos. Not too far from the marina, so you can get used to your yacht without stress. And who would want some rougher sailing can just pass the harbour and sail up North a bit more where you’ll find stronger wind. When you’ve had enough you can anchor in the bay and go for a swim. Every evening it is possible to join the group meal, but you can also choose to stay with your own crew. You decide per day what you feel like.

Every morning there is a briefing where the flotilla skipper will explain the plan for the day. According to the weather forecast we choose our next harbour. In the daytime, every boat is free to leave at his own time. Sailing, anchoring, swimming, reading, relaxing or just more sailing. As long as you are in the next harbour before dark. The flotilla skipper makes sure to be in the harbour first to help everybody find a place and be safe for the night.

Other places to be visited are:

Sayiadha, a remote little fishing harbuor on the mainland of Greece. Best place to eat big fresh shrimps and all kinds of local fish.

Mourtos/Sivota, a group of little islands between which you find sheltered anchor places where the flotilla can stay for the night so you can swim the next morning directly from your yacht.

Paxos, beautiful little island with crystal blue waters around it. Dolphins playing around your boat while you sail to Lakka, one of the most picturesque bays of the Ionian. Little tourist shops, taverna’s and bars make this little village a very pleasant place to be. Along the West coast, sightseeing the steep cliffs and huge caves you sail to Anti Paxos to find the clearest waters for snorkeling. Take something with you to feed the fish and you will see various colorful little fishes in front of your mask.

Ιn the evening the flotilla will meet in Mongonissi bay. A sheltered place for the night with just one restaurant. Here, Theo and his family first cook you a wonderful meal, and after that you will enjoy their enthusiastic Greek dancing show. Most of the times this activates the whole flotilla to get out of their lazy chairs and dance!

After a good sleep in the quiet bay we can choose to cross to the mainland to the touristic little town Parga, of visit Gaios on Paxos. Or just find another bay at the mainland for a barbeque on the beach.

The good thing about flotilla is you will be safely guided through the area.

The flotilla skipper knows with which weather forecast to go where. Also you will be helped finding a safe spot for the night, every night. And last but not least, you will make a lot of new friends.

The fleet still has some of the Aloa’s of the first hour. Well maintained, with newer engines and a good pair of sails. Through the years some newer and bigger yachts have joined in, so at the moment there is choice from 27’ till 44’. From budget to luxe. For couples and families. Sustainable, trustworthy, friendly. ISA .

Take a look at the website on Ionian Flotilla Sailing,

Enjoy your sail in one of the best sailing areas of our world.