Sailing The Ionian!

more than 10 harbours and many more sheltering bays Just on Corfu!

Corfu is first of all an island, and the right way to see and know an island is from the sea. Further to the south there are the beautiful islands of Paxos and Antipaxos, a favourite for sailing holidays and sailormen from all over the world. Even further there’s Kefallonia and Ithaka (yes, Odysseus again!), if that’s what you’re looking for!

Sailing around Corfu

On Corfu alone there are more than 10 harbours and many more sheltering bays and coves. And believe me, Corfu from the sea is even more beautiful than Corfu from the land! Also on Corfu we have the biggest marina in Greece, the Gouvia marina. The Venetians had their shipyards here once upon a time and the modern marina offers every kind of service you could possibly need during your holiday. Heading north from the marina, you sail up the straight between Corfu and Albania. On you right is the lake and ancient town of Butrint and on your left the slopes of the Pantocrator plunging into the sea in a multiude of green little bays with azure waters. You pass Kassiopi and Astrakeri along the north coast and reach, at the northwest corfner of Corfu, the Diapontia islands of Othoni, Erikousa and Mathraki. The islands are simply magical and on Othoni you can visit (one of) the cave of Kalypso! You then go south past famous Paleokastritsa along the western coast of the island, rich in cliffs and long, sandy beaches. Past Asprokavos at the southern tip and looking over at Paxos, you come into the calm and safety of the eastern side of Corfu facing Epirus. This is the softer side of Corfu, and also the most touristically exploited. Past Petriti and Benitses harbour, we are back in Corfu town where you can moore under the Old Fort and go for a drink at the Spianada!


A very popular way to enjoy relaxed sailing is the flotilla. A group of boats then travel together along a route. There’s an experienced local captain to help with everything, every morning there’s a captain’s meeting to discuss the weather, the route and whatever and after that you can choose your route, stopping to swim, relax, explore and enjoy the sun and sea. At the end of the day, all boats come together to spend the night in the same harbour and set off again the next day. Ideal for couples, friends and families with children!

Ionian Sailing Adventure specialize in flotilla sailing holidays.

People have been sailing the Ionian Sea for thousands of years… Odysseus himself lost his boat and comrades in a storm off the coast of Corfu long, long ago! But fortunately, the Ionian storms never last long and when the sea calms down, the beauty of the coasts and the islands is worth every bit of it!