Theotoky Estate, wine and olive oil

One of the oldest wineries on Corfu

One of the oldest wineries on Corfu is undoubtedly the Theotoky Estate. The Theotoky family used to be one of the most powerful families of Greece and both the father and the grandfather of the current owner, George Theotokis, have served as prime ministers of Greece!

The estate has been in the family for many centuries and is situated at the Ropa valley, near Giannades. It’s comprised of about 300 acres of mostly olive trees and vineyards but also a pine forest.

The facilities of the estate have been completely modernised and are equipeed with all modern technological gadgets, but the traditional appearance of the buildings has been preserved and the traditional buildings together with the beautiful nature make this a place of peace and beauty worth visiting. You can walk along the vineyards and under the olive groves, you can visit the cellar, winery and olive press and you can enjoy the many animals of the farm!

The olive oil produced here, both virgin and extra virgin, is simply delicious…

and this is mainly due to two reasons: First of all only the cold press method is used, resulting in less oil being extracted from the olives but of an exceptional quality. Secondly, although there’s no organic certification, the use of pesticides on the estate is taboo!

The Theotoky estate also produces a white and a red wine of exceptional quality. The red is made from Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, while the white (which is James Bond’s favourite in “For your eyes only”!) is made of Robolla and Kakotrygis grapes.

If you are looking for top quality wine and olive oil, Theotoky is a name you should remember! Visits to the estate are possible on fixed dates and should be arranged beforehand. Visit the Theotoky Estate website for more details.

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Corfu vineyard

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