Biosophia “The Laughing Whale”

We are happy to inform you that the summer fest of “Biosophia, The Laughing Whale” is going to take place on 25-31/07/2021 at Arillas, Corfu


We hope that you will enjoy the workshops and get inspired from our ethos to co-create the space that we dream for our children, the community and all life on Earth. Thank you very much for your participation and support. We look forward to seeing you there. Together we can make the shift.

Our theme is “Biosophia”,

bio + sophia = the wisdom of life in motion.

Our intention is creating a miraculous place:

“The Laughing Whale”


A space based on self-directed education, where children and whoever wants to enliven the child inside and shine, to feel free to grow and glow and experience life naturally, while exploring deep ancient truth and principles.

Love, peace, harmony and joy is the ripple effect which enlightens and dissolves gently all stagnant energy and regenerates vibrant health constantly inside us and around us, in nature and humanity.

Organic biodynamically cultivations, permaculture, beekeeping, nutrition, natural building, free energy, mild and safe technologies, alternative healing, arts and crafts and high quality by-products such as food, healing remedies and natural art crafts and of course a lot of free time, laughter, seabaths, claybaths and sunbaths are some topics to name a few that Laughing Whale is defined from.

A paradise garden where everyone can master a happy living, a practical organic wisdom at each here and now!

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