Delfinia hotel

Delfinia Hotel at Moraitika Corfu

Have you ever considered a holiday experience that is healing and potentially transformative? Corfu Island is fast being recognized as a popular holiday destination for spiritual tourism.

In recognition of the island’s strong energy and potent beauty many professional therapists, healers and teachers from around the world congregate on this side of the Mediterranean.As a result, many forms of healing and popular alternative therapy methods are available all year around.

Delfinia Hotels have been discreetly contributing to a fast growing network of professional consultants both locally and from abroad for the past twenty or so years. By providing a supportive environment and space in which to practice and share their work, many exceptional seminars, workshops and courses have taken place here over the years.

Breathing in the energized air, taking long walks on one of Corfu’s stunning beaches, witnessing the sun rise or sunset in meditation or simply relaxing and taking the opportunity to reflect on what is taking place within are but some of the simple ways of making the most of your visit to Corfu Island. You may also wish to visit some sacred sites and high energy points or try one of the many types of healing treatments, workshops and courses that are available.

Delfinia Hotels offer four star holiday accommodation amidst beautifully kept gardens and crystal clear sea green waters. Their staff are friendly, professional and at ease with specific interest holiday groups. Situated on the fringes of Moraitika holiday resort on the south east coast of Corfu Island, one also has access to all amenities whilst abroad. For more information on the surrounding area please read their Seductive South blog post.

Many moments of joy as well as transformational angst have been shared at Delfinia Hotels amongst an international circle of loving friends. Classic forms of Yoga and Tai Chi, crystal healing in the sea, sacred herbs and healing sounds, massage and other physical body treatments, to channeled teachings from Ascended Masters and beyond, much knowledge and experience has been deposited here. The generous and unyielding support of Delfinia Hotels have made it possible for a large number or people to blossom and grow further into wholeness.

There is no permanent programme at Delfinia Hotels but rather an open approach to receive what the ‘waves’ bring as they don’t adhere to any specific group or programme. Please tune into their blog or facebook page so that you can be informed of any upcoming events.

For booking the use of ATHENA, their main seminar room, or other available practice spaces please e-mail them at Their gardens emanate an energy of loving care and they welcome open air workshops and group work. They are able to cater for dietary needs preferably informed in advance though they do their out most to provide both healthy and vegetarian meals on a daily basis. They are also able to provide equipment or other supportive material that you might need for setting up your workshop particularly if you are travelling from overseas.

The people of Delfinia Hotel look forward to having you stay and sharing your work with them. They take pleasure in supporting your intention for healing and transformation the best way they can.