We have selected some nice places for you to stay during your vacation on Corfu.

There are accommodations of many different price ranges, from cheap apartments and studios to high standard hotels. Of course we would never recommend any accommodation that does not fit in the Green Corfu philosophy!

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Alternative holidays – What to do

Corfu has been a popular travel destination for centuries.

Travelers have always been inspired by its breathtaking landscapes, lush vegetation, peaceful olive groves, and great variety of flowers, insects, birds and animals. Gerald Durrell’s “My family and other animals” describes this Corfu in a vivid and humorous manner.

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Food for thought - What to eat!

Eating is very important to all Greeks.

We enjoy good food and a meal is more than just filling up your belly, it’s a good excuse to get together around the table, connect with each other, talk, argue, share experiences and news as well as food and drink.

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