Online marketing

If you have been following Green Corfu for some time, you will have noticed that our online presence is not always consistent. We know we could do a lot better, but don’t have the time and energy to invest… This is why we are looking for someone to help us out!

The two basic requirements are:

  • You must absolutely resonate with the Green Corfu philosophy!
  • You must be fluent in English. Secondary languages is a plus, especially Dutch and German.

The ideal candidate should also be experienced in all (ok, as many as possible…!) of the below:

  • Social media management – Ability to manage multiple accounts and produce content for our audience, as well as suggestions on how to improve our social media strategy. It would be nice if you already have an audience interested in alternative holidays.
  • Email marketing – Ability to create and launch email campaigns and analyse results.
  • Branding – An eye for understanding the unique voice of the business and how to improve market positioning.
  • SEO – Some knowledge of SEO and how it relates with all other areas of digital marketing.
  • Ideation/brainstorming – Ability to come up with novel ideas and solutions that can help advance the overall marketing efforts.
  • Data analysis – Ability to interpret data from a variety of sources such as Facebook, Google analytics, and come up with solutions that improve marketing efforts.
  • Content marketing – Able to write 1-2 blogs per month with an understanding of SEO practices and be able to also create social media content i.e image processing, new forms of content such as infographics – ability to produce video content is a major plus.
  • PPC – Create pay per click campaigns and manage them effectively.
  • Technical skills/support – Ability to manage WordPress, and solve technical problems that may arise.
  • Skills in software development is a huge plus, but is not a requirement.

We are looking for someone with enthusiasm, and the ability to take initiatives and work on their own. Most of the work can be carried out independently, with a weekly online meeting to coordinate actions.

If you feel a calling, contact us by email or FB.