Sound & Silence BE

is a Transformational Festival...!

The third offering of Sound & Silence is BE, four blissful days of integration & connecting to the spirit through music, meditative arts, massage & being. When we celebrate the meeting between sound, movement and stillness, we can simply BE.

BE is a conscious retreat with choice, a mindful gathering of light hearted souls who wish to delve deeper into themselves and take a mind break. Here, individuals will learn to be silent, feel and experience in dozens of new ways. Carefully chosen musicians, yoga and massage teachers will bridge the gap between meditation and solitude, and shared listening and learning how to communicate with a touch, a glance. Each day is focused on bringing the individual fully into the present moment while being in a deep listening space, allowing the listener to become the sound.

Starting on the evening of September 18th, participants will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Daily relaxing yoga sessions to live music
  • 4 days of different massage & meditation workshops
  • Silent meditations led by excellent musicians
  • Open afternoons to enjoy our blue flag beaches, mud baths and more
  • Early evening meditative concerts
  • Evening music experiences with a host of musicians

Allow the dance of music, silence & meditative arts to bring you to the perfect state to simply BE. Come integrate, nourish the spirit with inspiring practices, feed the body with delicious vegetarian food, warm the soul with heart-centered connections & celebrate this magical life with us at Sound & Silence: BE!

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Until the Sound and Silence BE Festival!