Sound & Silence LISTEN

is a Transformational Festival...!

The second offering of this triad of gatherings is LISTEN, six incredible days of connecting to the heart through the power of sound, musicality & meditative arts. When we actively LISTEN with our whole being, we awaken to the magnificence of each moment, allowing connection, co-creation & gratitude.

It is here, in LISTEN, that we find the balance of pure artistry and authenticity of being, that delicate edge which exists between sounds & silence. During these six days, we will journey through sound healings, musical satsangs, conscious concerts, sound improvisations, kirtans, story telling, as well as keep connected to the body through dance, yoga & active meditations. Though we will include similar elements to the other two gatherings of this triad, this particular week will focus more on offering conscious sound-based practices to further prepare us for the journey into silence. Teachers, performers, musicians and participants from all over the Globe gather here in paradise to share their passion together as One.

Through LISTEN, our vision is to inspire, connect & commune. This gathering is the moment where you can commune through musicality. It is the gathering for finding your soul song, your spirit tribe, your voice and your rhythm for this sacred life.

Starting on the evening of September 9th, participants will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Daily yoga sessions to live music
  • 6 days of different sound, breath & dance workshops
  • Musical satsangs, kirtans & sadhanas led by excellent musicians
  • Sound healing journeys
  • Meditative concerts that leave your soul flying
  • Evening music experiences with a host of musicians

Come LISTEN to the heart with inspiring practices, nourish the body with delicious vegetarian food, warm the soul with heart-centered connections & celebrate this magical life with us at Sound & Silence!

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