Thai Yoga massage and Chi Νei Τsang in Arillas Corfu

...with Spiros Aspiotis!

Spiros Aspiotis

Spiros Aspiotis was born in 1985 in Corfu. Ιn 2011 he completed his studies in architecture at the University of Plymouth, U.K. (BA Hons Interior and Spatial Design) and returned to the island of Corfu where he worked as an architect.

His long love for martial arts, physical and mental exercise and the need for self-healing led him to travel to Thailand.

There he trained in the traditional Thai martial art of Muay Thai which for him is a meditative choreography of ancient techniques. Muay Thai inspired him to continue dancing and studying the body focusing on the practice of Thai Yoga massage and holistic therapy. He lived in Thailand for a year studying with unique teachers who guided him through many different practices to evolve his own method of psychosomatic healing.

His basic training is in Thai Yoga massage and Chi Nei Tsang (ancient Taoist abdominal massage), but he also studied Dynamic massage and Osteo-Thai, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Gua-Sha, Cupping Therapy and Liver Detox.

These ancient and contemporary healing techniques have fused into a holistic, immediate and versatile method of healing that brings deep well-being and flexibility back to the body and soul.
You can contact Spiros on and +306989843270

Thai Yoga massage

Αncient traditional Thai Yoga massage is one of the main branches of Traditional Thai Medicine. It is also informed by the traditional medical systems of India, China, Southeast Asia and by Yoga.

With pressure and stretching trapped energy is released and its smooth flow is restored leaving the body soft and light. The pressure points are located along the meridians, the channels through which energy flows in the body. It is a meditative movement method, a therapeutic choreography which, with touching and moving reunites the body, mind and spirit. It brings joy and rejuvenation to all levels of the person activating the self-healing ability. Thai Yoga massage:

  • de-activates internal and external tensions
  • brings deep relaxation and improves sleep quality
  • improves joint mobility
  • reduces muscle pain and stiffness and restores elasticity in all body tissue
  • optimizes posture and body alignment
  • stimulates the function of the immune system and helps eliminate toxins
  • improves the function of the internal organs, the nervous and the circulatory systems

Thai Yoga massage feeds confidence in the self and in our instincts. The inner healer is awakened and we are reminded that the recovery and maintenance of health and vitality is in our hands.

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang simultaneously heals the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. It has been used for millennia by Taoist monks and nuns to detoxify and strengthen their bodies in order to maintain the high energy required for spiritual practice. Fear, anger, anxiety, depression and worry cause energy blockages in our internal organs and physical tangling and knotting of the nerves, blood vessels and lymph nodes. Problems can also be caused by overwork, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs, toxins, poor food and bad posture. This ancient Taoist abdominal massage works in three primary ways:

1) detoxification
Τhe lymphatic and circulatory systems are stimulated to eliminate waste and toxic debris collected from physical and emotional strain.

2) restructuring and strengthening
Τhe structures and positions of internal organs are optimized and posture problems arising from muscular and organ imbalances are corrected.

3) balancing emotions
Our unprocessed emotions are stored in our digestive system waiting to be addressed. Poor emotional digestion is one of the main reasons for ill health. Chi Nei Tsang facilitates the unfolding of emotions and the release of deep emotional blockages.

Chi Nei Tsang:

  • enhances the function of the internal organs
  • balances and calms the nervous system
  • combats depression
  • releases deep-seated tensions and restores vitality
  • improves sleep and reduces overall stress
  • strengthens the immune system’s resistance to diseases
  • releases the entire abdomen and improves breathing and digestion
  • is effective in cases of cysts, fibroids, stones in the gallbladder and/or kidneys
  • is also beneficial in any kind of physical or mental training, before and after surgery and in combination with psychotherapy