Healing Sea Baths with Living Green Clay at Arillas

on 01/07/2017


Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was teaching at his initiations that you could keep healthy using, sunbaths and seabaths in combination with claybaths. Healing with clay is an age-old, non-invasive, natural practice!

Green clay is a compound of 60-80 pure trace minerals, fused together by heat in natural oxide forms and charged with a powerful … Continue reading...

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5 Benefits of Swimming in Corfu

on 21/06/2017

We came from the sea, our soul yearns to go back to it…

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for the Mind, Body & Spirit. Being in the waters of Corfu is especially good for you. Corfu not only has an unprecedented natural beauty, it also has the cleanest waters for you … Continue reading...

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