Corfu offers many ways to spend your holidays, other than baking in the sun!


First of all, you can take part in a spiritual workshop in Arillas, doing mediation, yoga, tantra, breathing mantra-singing or something else. There are many centres offering such groups in and around Arillas. And if you don’t want to commit to an entire weekly workshop, you could also just book a room in Arillas and do a little bit of everything. In the area there are also many alternative healers, so you can combine your holidays with a therapeutic massage or other treatment!


Corfu, with its beautiful nature and varied landscape, is ideal for walking holidays and tours. Especially in the months from February to June and September to November, the temperature is mild and suitable for short and long trekking trips around the island. You can walk through more than a hundred old, picturesque villages, visit old churches, castles, ruins, caves and waterfalls, walk the mountains, valleys and beaches of Corfu, enjoy spectacular views and soak up positive energy from the wild nature of Corfu (plants, insects, birds and animals).


If walking is not fast enough for you, you can also explore the island on a bike! Corfu is, according to the people who come here to cycle, the perfect place for a cycling holiday! The varied landscape offers a new view around every corner. There are more than 200 villages scattered around the island and the inland villages have stayed largely uninfected by mass tourism. Old pastel-coloured houses, a little church and a village square where time seems to stand still. These villages are connected by a maze of roads and paths, so that you never have to take the same road twice. A little-known fact is that Corfu has the most dense road network of Europe! So bring your bike or rent one here and cycle away…

Horse riding

If you are a horse-lover, there are many agencies offering horse-riding around Corfu. The biggest Horse center, and a venue worth supporting is Silvaland.  Next to rescuing the Skyrian pony some years ago, and caring for more than 40 horses, mrs Sylvia Steen also rescues all kinds of hurt birds and animals people bring her.

Horse riding in Corfu


People have been sailing the Ionian Sea for thousands of years… Odysseus himself lost his boat and comrades in a storm off the coast of Corfu long, long ago! But fortunately, the Ionian storms never last long and when the sea calms down, the beauty of the coasts and the islands is worth every bit of it! Corfu is first of all an island, and the right way to see and know an island is from the sea. Further to the south there are the beautiful islands of Paxos and Antipaxos, a favourite for sailing holidays and sailormen from all over the world. Even further there’s Kefallonia and Ithaka (yes, Odysseus again!), if that’s what you’re looking for!