How to get around Corfu with buses

on 03/04/2017

For those of you who are looking for an affordable way to travel and who don’t mind some exploring and adventure – using the island’s bus services can provide some excitement for your holidays! Corfu has two types of bus services for getting around, Blue & Green buses. Let’s explore each of these services and see what each one offers.

Blue Buses (City buses)

Blue buses (city buses) are the main Corfu buses that most locals use to get around the city and the surrounding areas up to Benitses to the South and Dassia and Ipsos to the North. They are cheap to use and the trips are short distance. The journeys usually last no more than 40 minutes.

Prices for Blue buses are dependant upon the distance of the journey. You can purchase a ticket inside the bus but it costs more so try and buy the tickets beforehand from a machine or a shop vendor to avoid overspending on your holidays. Alternatively – an all day ticket covering all destinations for unlimited rides is available and can be purchased for 5 euros.

Expect to be a bit cramped inside the Blue buses – lots of people use it in the summer, including locals and tourists. The Corfu town to Ipsos route can get incredibly packed.

You can ask directions and route information from the driver. The locals inside the bus can also help you out with any questions. You can check the City Bus website for more information on prices, routes and timetables.

Green buses (Suburban buses)

Green buses (Suburban buses) are for long-distance travels. You can travel as far as Athens, Thessaloniki and the most distant reaches of Greece such as Orestiada near the turkish border! Or you can visit the most remote towns and villages of Corfu, the choice is yours!
Green Buses service most of the island’s villages several times a day. The new Green Bus station is near the airport and there is a bus from the airport to this station.

For more information about Timetables, Prices & Routes check out our more extensive article on Green Buses here. There is a Route that goes to Afionas-Arillas, you might want to use that route to get to us. You can check the Green Bus website for any more information you may need.

Emergency Phone Numbers

In case you get lost or get into an emergency situation and need help here are some phone numbers you can call:

Bus Phone Numbers

  • Blue bus office phone numbers: +30 26610 39859, +30 26610 32158
  • Green bus information desk: +30 26610 28900

Emergency Numbers

  • General Emergency Number: Dial 112
  • Police: Dial 100
  • Ambulance Service: Dial 166
  • Fire Department: Dial 199

Remember to always ask the bus station desks for help and information, bus drivers can also help you as well as locals.

Have a great holiday and try and not get lost!

Written by Joseph Harry Rapsomanikis