How to get around Corfu with green buses

on 12/07/2019

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If you have visited this page you are probably wondering about the transportation options in Corfu.

This article will certainly help you out!

First of all – a little bit of history. The Green buses, also known more formally as KTEL is the main public transportation system across Greece, the transportation system assists almost 80% of people in Greece to get where they need to.

The transportation system was first established in 1952 and consisted of 62 regional companies all cooperating with each other, and the Green Buses of North Corfu is but one of those regional companies that help Corfiots get to where they want!

In addition to the Green buses, there are also the blue buses which are mostly for short distances but if you are staying in the North of the Island and you want to go way down south, then it’s the Green buses you need to get.

The term “Green Bus” can be a bit confusing, although in the past the buses were mostly Green in colour, these days they are not as pronounced and the modern fleet of buses are not very Green in colour. So if you are ever waiting at a bus stop for a bus with the colour Green to pop up, make sure you remember that not all of their buses have a green colour and the bus might have gone by without you realising it!

Where to get them


You can get the Green buses from either inside the centre of town at their headquarters or in any normal bus stop. Most bus stops around the island are also stops for Green buses. Their is usually a small sign on each bus stop with the routes and timetables. If you see one of those signs at the bus stop you are waiting in then you can be certain that a Green bus will drive through at some point, if you don’t see such a sign at the bus stop, you may have to ask a local where they stop.

Green Buses Sign

The bus signs usually look like this



The prices are different depending on the destination and the distances. In general though the prices are around 3 to 5 euros per ride. Tickets can be purchased inside the bus, but also online at their website.

Children under 6 ride for free.



There are various routes both for the North part of Corfu and for the South. Take a look here for the timetables of different locations.

Take a look also at a special route that can bring you to Arillas from some popular destinations!

For more information on routes, times, prices and any other inquiry you can call these numbers:

Information Desk

  • +3026610 28900

Boxoffice Tickets Corfu

  • +3026610 28900

Visit their website for additional information as well.

We hope that we were able to clear some confusion about the Green buses! Travel safely!


This was written by Joseph Harry Rapsomanikis