Top Tips for Flying to Corfu

on 18/11/2020

If you are planning a trip to Corfu and are wondering how to get here by plane, then you are in the right place. You have plenty of options available and in this brief guide we will give you some top tips on how to reach the island cheaply and easily without stress or hassle.

Finding airport parking

Our first top tip is to make sure that you book your airport parking in advance, if you plan to drive to your departure airport. Many people forget to do this and end up stressed on the day trying to find a space and paying much more than they need to. By booking ahead, you can easily save up to 60% compared to purchasing parking on the day and one of the best ways to do this is through a comparison website.

These days there is a comparison website for everything you could want to buy and airport parking is no exception. For UK travellers for example, there is Parkhero, a comparison site for airport parking at airports across the UK and Ireland. Whether you are looking for Meet and Greet Manchester Airport, Park and Ride Gatwick or any other form of parking, Parkhero’s simple comparison tool can help you find the best car park at the best price. You just need to choose your airport and enter your travel dates! If you would like to find a similar website for your departure country, just type ‘compare … airport parking’ into a search engine.

Best time to book

When booking a flight, it can be quite time consuming, especially if you are doing your research and looking for the best price. It is natural then to make the booking when you have the most time, usually at the weekend. Unfortunately, this is when most people make their bookings and often when tickets are at their most expensive.

By making time to book mid-week as far in advance as you can, you have a better chance of finding great value tickets. Again, using a comparison website can help you assess the best ticket options and being flexible in which airport you fly too, can also help you find a range of affordable flight options.

When to travel

If you can, you should plan to head to Corfu during the islands shoulder seasons between April and May and between September and November. This is when the weather is just right – not too hot and still warm enough to walk around in a t-shirt and take an enjoyable swim in the Med. This is also a quieter time with the peak tourist season being from June to the end of August. That said, Corfu is a year round destination with winter temperatures only as low as 10 °C in December.

Flying in the shoulder and off-peak seasons is a great way to find yourself a bargain and enjoy the island when it is not burgeoning with tourists.

Choosing your airport

You can fly to Corfu from a number of major European airports to the island’s main airport, Corfu International Airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias”. It is located just outside Corfu Town with great connections to and from the airport and the rest of the island.

If you cannot find a nearby airport offering flights to Corfu directly, you can also consider flying to Athens, Preveza, or Thessaloniki and then onto Corfu from there.

Most airlines from Europe operate flights to Corfu between April and October for the main holiday seasons. From Athens during this peak period there are flights to Corfu 4 times per day and 2 to 3 times per week from Thessaloniki. The Greek airlines to look out for are Olympic and Aegean.

Don’t want to fly?

Despite the popularity of flights, there are other convenient options for getting the island of Corfu. Perhaps, the next most popular option after flying is taking the ferry. There are great ferry connections with other ports in Greece, such as Igoumenitsa which takes between 1 and 2 hours and Patra which takes around 7 hours. There are also daily links with Italian cities, such as Brindisi (8 hours), Venice (24 hours) and Trieste (27 hours). While taking the ferry means a longer journey, you do get to enjoy some fantastic views of the coastline and the relatively calm seas of the Mediterranean!

You can also find out more about travelling around Corfu by bus by checking out our blog article.