Healing powers of music

on 03/03/2018

Music has been used as a form of healing for a very long time, its history goes back to ancient times. The Native Americans, in the US used chants and dances to heal. And in Egypt music was used in their temples, to heal and soothe the soul.

In ancient Greece the father of medicine Hippocrates, used music in his healing practices and some of the most prominent Greek persons of the time such as Plato and Aristotle, regarded music as a way to affect the soul and purify one’s emotions.

Throughout the centuries most civilizations have used music to heal. Hospitals In the Arab world in the thirteenth century use to have “music-rooms” for the patients in their care.

In recent times music therapy has gained considerable traction in public life. Science sheds light on the many health benefits that music can provide across a wide spectrum of illnesses, both physical and mental.

But music goes far beyond healing the body – it speaks to the soul. It elevates the human spirit close to the realm of god. In the words of Beethoven “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life”. He thought that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy – it is hard to disagree with that.

The healing powers of music besides reducing stress and anxiety has shown to have numerous other benefits, such as:

Stroke recovery

Music has been found to help patients recovering from a stroke. A 2008 study found that patients receiving a standard stroke treatment accompanied by listening to music for at least an hour a day, had improved their verbal memory by 60% and their ability to focus improved by 17% after three months of this type of care. Quite a substantial improvement!

Changes mood

It is important to note that the type of music that you listen to matters. Listening to classical music, jazz, or any type of relaxing music with that has a low tempo, reduces stress, anxiety and improves blood flow, but music that is more “energizing” can increase stress and anxiety levels, in a positive way – so whenever you need that extra boost of energy, put on some pop, or rock with  a higher tempo than normal and get that extra energy flowing through your body!

In addition music therapy seems to alleviate symptoms of depression. Especially while playing an instrument.

Helps with heart attacks

A study from Wisconsin found that patients who had recently suffered a heart attack and received “music treatment” in addition to their standard care, had lower levels of stress and anxiety, and they had a lower heart rate while listening to music, the effects lingered on for at least an hour after the music had stopped.

Reduces pain

It has been well known throughout the centuries that music helps with pain. Science has started to confirm this ancient wisdom that our forefathers knew. It is believed that stress and anxiety are closely related with pain, so any reduction of stress and anxiety levels may be the reason why pain gets reduced as well.  

Induces sleep

Listening to some comforting tunes just before bed, can help relax you and drift you off to sleep. It can even increase the quality and quantity of your sleep also. It may take a few weeks for these effects to take place though so go ahead start listening to some relaxing music for your “zzz’s” tonight!

Music though goes far beyond the mere physical manifestations of its beauty, music communicates with the soul and the world beyond…

And you can get that feeling and more here in Arillas at one of the many music events that go on here. So come on and heal in Arillas!

If you are interested in learning more about the healing powers of music here is an excellent guide on music therapy!


Healing powers of music

This was written by Joseph Harry Rapsomanikis